Conditions of Sale

Price Policy

Prices are subject to change without notice. Prices may be increased or decreased if there are any changes to import tariffs. Surcharges may occur due to excessive increases of ocean freight.


Minimum order to establish an open account with credit terms is $500.00, subject to credit approval. Credit cards are not accepted for accounts with credit terms, unless payment is made at time of shipment. Orders under $500.00 are C.O.D. only. All sales are final. F.O.B. Philadelphia.

Credit Cards

We accept VISA, Mastercard, and Discover for customers without approved credit.


Orman guarantees its merchandise to be free of defects, and will credit for defects. We assume no responsibility, in any circumstance, for payment of any type of damages including, without limitation, costs relating to removal, installation, reinstallation, accidents, alterations, re-shipping or misuse of the products. This is a seasonal product and not for year round everyday use, which will void this guarantee. To receive credit for defective goods, WRITTEN AUTHORIZATION AND ROUTING MUST BE OBTAINED FROM THE PHILADELPHIA OFFICE PRIOR TO THE RETURN OF THE GOODS. Excessive freight charges on returns, due to improper routing, will not be allowed. NO defective merchandise returns will be accepted after February 28th following the season you purchase merchandise.

UPC Codes

All merchandise is UPC coded. UPC numbers are available upon request.